Research Paper Definition And Types

Research papers are one of the most common types of papers that students receive in their time in academia. The reason why these types of papers are so popular is due to the fact that research essays require students to be independent and perform quite a hefty amount of research.
However, due to the many different types of papers, students can be confused on the individual requirements for each type of research paper. This article will analyze the different paper types and the best research paper topics to choose from.

Research Paper
In basic terms, the research paper definition is a paper that requires significant input and research by the writer to come to a conclusion about a topic. As mentioned before, research essays come in many types, which will be analyzed in this article.
Analysis is a large aspect of research writing. Due to this, the research that the writer performs needs to be analyzed thoroughly and all the important questions pertaining to the research need to be answered.

Most of the time, when composing a research essay, students will be expected to choose their own topic to write about. There are many ways in which you can approach the task of finding a suitable topic to write your paper about.
Firstly, you should scan through your class notes to see which areas of the subject you enjoyed the most. The more passionate you are about your topic, the more eager you will be to carry out high quality research. The best example of a research paper usually has the writer being very enthusiastic about the topic they are writing on.
Most of all, you should ensure that the topic you choose has ample of research for you to cover. If you choose a topic with a scarce amount of resources to analyze, you will struggle to produce a paper to a high quality standard. Therefore it is advised that, before finalizing a topic to write about, you check online to see the amount of research you will be able to talk about in your paper.
It is also important that you do not choose a topic you disliked during your studies. If this is the case, then your motivation will wane to produce a high quality paper.

The structure of your paper is also important. If you do not have a set structure to your work, then it is possible that you will fail outright. You can have a good structure to your writing by looking at the following research paper outline:

  1. Introduction: The research paper introduction will give an overview of your paper and give some historical context of your topic. The introduction is also the time for you to state the aims of your research.
  2. Main body: The main body is where the analysis of your research will occur. This analysis is important, as it is what your teachers will be marking you on.
  3. Conclusion: The conclusion is a summarization of the research you have analyzed along with an evaluation of your research aims.

Argumentative Paper
Argumentative papers are perhaps the most common type of research essays that students encounter. In an argumentative paper, two sides of an issue are presented, and the research pertaining to these two sides is analyzed. The writer is expected to favor on side over the other, however information should be presented in an un biased and factual manner.

Analytical Paper
An analytical paper is very similar in style to an argumentative paper. In such types of papers, the writer is supposed to present multiple viewpoints on their topic. The findings are supposed to be presented in a factual manner, as opposed to the opinionated manner of an argumentative paper.

Definition Paper
Research paper writing very often involves writing different types of defections. In a definition paper, a topic is described from a factual point of view, without any bias or input from the writer.

Compare And Contract
In a compare and contrast paper, students are given two topics or concepts and are asked to write about them. In such a paper, there are usually two sections: in one section, the two topics are compared in terms of their similarities, whereas in the other section, their differences are explored.

Cause And Effect
These types of papers are very commonly encountered when writing a research paper, particularly in subjects such as business, finance and law. In such papers, expected results are seen from certain actions performed, usually, in a corporate environment.
If you feel that you need further assistance with writing a research paper, then it is highly recommended that you seek a research paper writer, who can guide you through the process. If you know the definition of the type of paper you are expected to write, then you should have problems achieving a high grade.