One of the most interesting topics that you can ever be asked to write about is on education. The reason for this is because this is a field that you pretty much have experience in as a student. There are a lot of students that from time to time shudder at the thought of having to write a paper in this field, but there really is not much to worry about. When you come to think of it, things get rather easier for you today because of the ease with which you can do research and get as much information as you need to make a good paper of the task at hand.

In order to help get you on the right footing, the following are some good ideas that you can consider when you are thinking about a good title for your paper. This can be a paper for your thesis or even just for a normal assignment.

  • How computers have affected and influenced the educational paradigm
  • Importance of education to the advancement of technology
  • Discuss how education can be used to empower the underprivileged
  • Explain the role that education or lack thereof has had in the migration challenges that the world is facing at the moment
  • Discuss how education plays a role in the current situation with terrorism and extremism all over the word
    Social media has had an impact on so many levels of life. Discuss the role that social media has had to play in the development of education over the past decade
  • Explain how security in schools affect the educational curriculum, with a special emphasis on the school shootings that are propagated by students
  • Over the years there have been a number of reported cases of relationships between teachers and their students. Discuss how this can be avoided and what should be done to make sure that parents are confident of the safety of the morals of their kids
  • Propose and support your proposal, for the cause of the revision of the school curriculum, highlighting a specific interval within which the syllabus needs to be revised, so that school children are able to learn things that are relevant to the society that they live in
  • Discuss the challenges that graduate students face when they get out of school only to realize that the courses that they partake in are not marketable

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